24 SEVEN BITTERS is traditionally an alcoholic preparation flavored with botanical matter such that the end result is characterized by a bittersour, or bittersweet flavor. 24 SEVEN BITTERS originally developed as patent medicines and for everyday use to either prevent or cure some certain ailment.

The Bitters gain popularity for it high performance and healing works which is as follow:

1. Prevent Pile- as you may not know pile is also as a result of too much sugar in the body. With 24 SEVEN BITTERS, level of sugar will be stabilized  and prevent you from have any high sugar related ailment.

2. 24 SEVEN BITTERS also work for several ailment such as:




Stomach Noise

Immune Weakness

Waist Pain


Prostrate  and many more.

So is more than just a drink. To know more about 24 SEVEN BITTERS or any related thing Call or Whatsapp our hotline on 08099970888

You can get 24 SEVEN BITTERS from any Pharmacy or Chemist near you. 




I need the product of this cafro group like Mr duct Cleanser



Hello people. Even though the articles are telling the truth, their products are far from what they claim they do. After going through their articles, I decided to test their products. The products are not even known and not found in pharmacies until I got to Lagos island and I was directed to a man who sells in carton. I tried the drinks and recommended it to my customer I buy drinks from. Mehn! I tried the drinks but they are not working. Instead, they are only quick to intoxicate due to the high concentration of alcohol in them. Infact, at a poiny , I discovered that the drink is too harsh and when I try to inquire from my friends who used to take it through me, they complained that it is very hard on them and causes headache. From there, I confirmed that the producers are telling lies and are only looking for ways to market their products.



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