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Each infectious disease has connection with existing  Bacteria,Viruses,Fungi,Parasites.etc. either by direct contact, or germs from everyday material. This does not mean they have come to stay but the only mistake mad is we take more things that gives them strength instead of eradicating them. 

Some of these germs are active organism and can grow bigger or duplicate more. After long stay in the host they the have more power of the white blood cell which stands as the immune responsible for protecting the body against unwanted guest.

Below are the result of germs which are not eliminated on time.

  • Piles

    Diabetes Management

    High Blood Pressure

    Weak erection

    premature ejaculation

    Menstrual challenges

    Infertility (Male and Female)

    Typhoid and Malaria

    Fibroid etc.

    For this reason:

    We researched and came up with a universal solution accepted by many with the intent to support the white blood cell and evacuate unwanted guest in the body system.

    With our 24 SEVEN BITTERS (alcoholic), BITTER EXTRA (non alcoholic), Mr Duct and Huck Hurgan Bitters cure to all these ailments is guaranteed.  

    For your own bitters or interest in being our distributor call: 08099970888

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